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School uniforms seem to do funny things to most red blooded males, and when their being worn by nubile young Asian girls with their pert little breasts and fantastically tight bums, it's no surprise that Asian school girls porn videos are one of the most popular amongst all the Asian videos we stream on a daily basis! Take a look at some of the best ones below.

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So, if you like the thought of an Asian Britney Spears, where can you turn? The answer is right here! Asian pay per view videos brings you over 640 Asian school girls videos, and after watching a few so as to build this page, I can see why they are so popular!!

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  • Sakura Tales 9: More Asian School Girls - Sakura Tales have a habit of finding the very best young Asian Girls available for their films, and this one doesn't disappoint. No. 9 in this series features some of the hottest Asian girls we've seen walking home from school, but rather than stop off for some sweets and a drink on their way home, these school girls stop off for some cock - you have to check this one out today!
  • Asian High School Grads - Fresh outta high school, these eager young Asian sluts can't wait to break in their tight little slits. So what do they search for? Some of the biggest dicks they can find. Once they've found them, these kinky Asian high school grads enjoy a serious fucking and drain every drop from these monster cocks.
  • Lesbian Asian School Girls - Does it get any fucking better than this? School girls uniforms, young Asian girls and lesbian sex!!! These girls we're friends during their school years and meet up again a year later at a reunion, a little bit of drink and they discuss their fantasies, these turn into reality when after moving into the gym hall they discover what it's like to have lesbian sex for the first time!

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